When I was a kid I always loved to go to amusement parks because of only one thing. A trampoline. Yup, I was one of those kids that went straight to the trampoline and stayed there until it was time to go home. My parents saw my obsession with trampolines so they have bought me one small trampoline and at that moment that wast the best trampoline I have ever seen. But, quickly I grew bigger and that awesome trampoline wasn’t enough. So, I asked for a bigger trampoline and this time parents bought me an adult trampoline. Every family member used it and we love it. So, practically, I can say that I grew up on trampolines and I still think that trampolines are great for so many things.

A kid’s trampolines are a great activity, adult trampolines (besides so much fun) can be good to come in shape or, even better, to stretch yourself after a long stressed day.

But, you know, as many trampolines are fun, choosing the best one isn’t that easy. It is hard to see which trampoline suits your family best. The best source of honest opinions about some trampoline is trampoline reviews. But, again, not all reviews are good. If you didn’t choose trampoline that suits you best, your review probably won’t be the most objective one, right?


Before purchasing the best trampoline for you and your family, think about what are things you must look for when choosing best trampolines?


Who is this trampoline for? Is it for you, your kid or for the entire family? Those questions you must ask yourself because not every trampoline suits every situation. When I was younger I had one small trampoline, but when I got bigger, we had a trampoline that the entire family could use. If you have a toddler or a kid under the age of 10, buy the kid’s trampoline which is made for that age range. If you want to buy yourself a trampoline, but you have a kid, why wouldn’t you buy them both? There are small trampolines with a reasonable price and are safe for your kid. On the other hand, if you have a kid older than 10 you can buy a classic trampoline. Read our trampoline reviews for kid’s trampolines.


Do you plan to have it outside or inside? Most classic trampolines are made to be in the back yard. If you don’t have enough space for a trampoline to be outside, pick a trampoline made for indoor usage. Indoor trampolines are smaller in size and have smaller jumping abilities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be one of the best trampolines for your situation. The size of your yard can make a great deal when you are choosing a trampoline, so choose wisely and leave enough space for other activities.
Now that we have covered main points which are related to you and your family, let’s us talk about technical stuff. How can you tell that this particular trampoline is the best trampoline? Look the most important parts of every trampoline:


Good quality trampoline frame has to be durable, rust resistant and great quality. The most important part of every quality trampoline is that frame. A frame supports the entire trampoline and with a bad quality frame, the entire trampoline will collapse which is extremely dangerous. Every trampoline frame should be made out of Galvanized steel which is the best solution.


Springs are parts which provide a person to jump on a trampoline and it mustn’t break. If springs aren’t good quality they can break or rust, so always check that springs are rust-resistant and durable.


Capacity is a characteristic which made some bad trampoline reviews because people didn’t look for that. If you exceed a trampoline’s capacity, a trampoline will collapse. Due to that, it is extremely important to think about how many persons are going to use it or how old will they be. It is not the same if you have 2 teens or 2 adults on it.


Regardless if the person on the trampoline is an adult or a kid, safety should be provided. Due to that, make sure that the trampoline you choose has safety nets. A safety net (also called a safety enclosure) is a net that surrounds the trampoline. It stops you or your kid from falling over the trampoline while jumping. All best trampolines have safety nets so that can be a factor which can help you remove the ones which don’t have it from your list.


A padding is used to cover springs and it usually goes on the edges of the trampoline. This isn’t an essential feature every trampoline must have, but I absolutely recommend it. Springs are thick and if you land on them you can injure yourself, which is something you should avoid. This detail is one of the things that separate a good trampoline from the best trampoline.


A good trampoline should be stable, without swinging or falling over. They usually have 4 or 6 legs in „U-shape“ or in „L-shape“. Both of them are pretty stable, but a lot depends on the ground they are. The ground should be solid and straight, without holes which can disturb the stability. Another thing you can use if you want to improve stability is an anchor. An anchor kit is sold separately but it is a must have addition for safety reasons. With anchor kits, you will mount your outdoor trampoline in the ground and you can leave it outside all year. With proper mounting, your trampoline can survive heavy wind and storm.


There is more than one shape of the trampoline, but to find the best trampoline for you, you should see why that particular shape is the best. Every trampoline shape has its qualities and it suits different situations.


A circle trampoline is the most common trampoline and all trampoline reviews you can find are mostly for circle trampolines. That is not because people find it beautiful or something like that. A circle trampoline is better for homes than any other trampolines. Due to their circular shape, this trampoline has lower jumping abilities than rectangular ones which automatically makes it safer. When you jump on the circular trampoline you land in the middle of the mat and that small feature reduces the chances of hurting yourself.


Rectangular trampoline is a level up from the circle trampoline. You can see the rectangular shape trampoline in the hall of gymnastics or in amusement parks. Gymnasts use rectangular trampolines because it provides them the highest jumps which they need. If you want to buy a rectangular trampoline, be aware of their characteristics and your abilities.


A square trampoline isn’t that common as the circle and rectangular trampoline. It is in between a circle and rectangular trampoline. It has better bounce than circle trampoline, but it is safer than a rectangular one. Also, a rectangular trampoline can take up a lot of space, while square or circle trampolines don’t. If you want to have the both from the circle and rectangular trampolines, the best trampoline for you is a square trampoline.


Maintenance is most important. Why? Even the best car can brake sooner than expected without proper maintenance. The same thing is with the best trampolines on the market. If you have a trampoline outside, in your backyard, without any cover or any kind of protection against weather, your trampoline will break too soon. Do yourself a favor and take good care of a trampoline because then, you will use it for ages.

Maintaining a trampoline isn’t complicated, you don’t have to buy expensive chemicals for cleaning. All you need to do is to buy proper equipment and set some rules for using a trampoline.


If you have an outdoor trampoline, buy a trampoline cover for your trampoline. When you are done using your trampoline simply cover it with a cover. That cover will protect your trampoline from bad weather, so it will stay dry and it will protect trampoline from falling leaves and bird droppings. With a proper cover, you don’t have to wash or sweep your trampoline every day. Most trampoline reviews are talking about covers because they are an essential part of maintaining a trampoline.


Ladders are a good solution for several reasons. One, everybody will climb on the trampoline with ladders and won’t grab springs to climb. That way, you are keeping springs untouched. Second, people will climb more easily inside, again, springs will be thankful.


Proper maintenance is nothing if someone is acting all wild on the trampoline. Set some ground rules how to behave around your trampoline. The first and most important rule should be: NO SHOES! Shoes can damage the trampoline, especially those sneakers with special soles for running. Not only it will damage your trampoline, it will also make your trampoline dirty. Depending on the capacity of the trampoline, set the max number of persons to jump on the trampoline at the same time. Also, you can set a rule for the last person using the trampoline has to cover it. Your trampoline, your rules. ☺


As much as I love trampolines, safety comes first. Trampolines are awesome but you have to be aware that accidents can happen. You have to do everything to keep accidents at the lowest number possible and to make that, use special equipment. Best trampolines are nothing without safety precautions.


I talked about safety nets already because I think that they are a must have on almost every trampoline. If you are using the low trampoline for exercise, safety nets aren’t necessary. There are differences between nets. Some trampolines have nets attached to the entire trampoline and there are nets attached to some points in the trampoline.


Trampoline isn’t something you can put together without instructions, so read an instruction before assembling the trampoline. If you put together a trampoline without instructions you can make some mistakes which can lead to the unstable trampoline and then, the best trampoline isn’t the best anymore. Some instructions are pretty unreadable but almost every trampoline has how to tutorials o Youtube, which is awesome.


Always go jumping with someone. If something happens that person can help you stand up or go for help. Also, it is more fun to jump with someone looking and take turns. You can always make a little game or competition to spice things up. ☺ Just don’t try to compete who will jump higher or longer. 😀

With this introduction about trampolines and what to look for, I have made MY top 5 best trampolines for adults. These trampoline reviews have general information, pros, and cons of every trampoline and a picture of a trampoline.

Use your knowledge about trampolines and see which trampoline is the best for you:



A Skywalker is one of the most famous brands in trampoline world and they are known for their good quality products and even better price. They made trampoline for fun and not for professionals. Every trampoline they have is adjusted to families who have fun on their mind.

Round trampoline shape makes this trampoline the best trampoline for families with kids who love to jump. It is a safe, good and quality trampoline. If you want to buy a trampoline to jump higher, look for rectangular trampolines which provide an extra bounce to their design.

This 15-feet trampoline is great because it has the great price and it comes with extra parts like spring pads and good quality enclosure. Some other brands will make you buy these things separately. Skywalker trampolines are known for their good quality materials.

A frame is made from galvanized steel, meaning it is stronger than ordinary steel. It is OK to leave outdoor the entire year because the trampoline that size takes a lot of space. Safety enclosure is all around the mat which makes it impossible to fall through the net.

Frame made from rust-resistant galvanized steel
Safety net is completely attached to the mat
15′ diameter provides big jumping space
Includes spring pad and safety enclosure
Good quality product with affordable price

It comes in 2 boxes and you might wait for the second box few days
Instructions can be unclear, try to find additional tutorials on the internet
The size is great, but the capacity of 200 pounds could be bigger


Zupapa is another brand famous for building family oriented trampolines. Zupapa is one of the best trampolines on the market due to one thing. Every trampoline has a TÜV certificate of excellence, meaning it meets all safety requirements of the TÜV. A TÜV is a worldwide organization which is testing products for safety, efficiency and quality with headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Just like Skywalker, Zupapa trampolines make a great balance between quality and price. You can choose the size of the trampoline between 12, 14 and 15 feet which are great because you can find the best size for your backyard. Springs and frame are made from galvanized steel making it extremely durable on bad weather.

Jumping mat has UV protection and the cover successfully protects the mat from rain or snow. You can leave it outdoor through the entire year.

This trampoline has almost every additional feature included. With Zupapa trampoline you will get enclosure net, safety pad, ladder and rain cover. All you have to do is buy this trampoline and assemble it.

Has a TÜV certificate for safety
You can pick a size from 12,14 or 15 feet
Galvanized frame and springs
Comes with enclosure net, safety pad, ladders and rain cover
High weight capacity (depends on the sizes)

Complicated instructions
Usually, comes in 3 boxes, rarely all boxes comes the same day
Zipper on the net is so strong it is difficult to move it


Ultega is a company which produces equipment for different sports, including trampolines. This trampoline is on the 3rd place of my trampoline reviews because it has an even number of pros and cons. Ultega jumper trampoline comes with the safety net just like trampolines on the 1st and 2nd place. Like I said, I think that safety net is a must so I am making it my top criteria.

The frame on Ultega jumper trampoline is made from galvanized steel with L-shaped legs which make this trampoline more stable than ones with W-shaped legs.

It can adjust to your backyard size, meaning you can choose from 5 different sizes: 6, 8.25, 10, 12 and 14 feet. Of course, the price and capacity are different depending on the size of the trampoline. The variety is big and the price isn’t.

Ultega jumper is a good trampoline with reasonable price, but the downside is that you won’t get any additional equipment. Ladders and covers you have to buy for yourself.

Excellent customer service
Different sizes
„L shape“ legs

You have to buy ladders and covers by yourself
Hard to assemble
No UV protection on materials


Exacme is a company that produces trampolines with headquarters in Portland, Oregon and distribution center in Houston, Texas. This trampoline deserves to be in my top 5 best trampolines because of the design and quality which I will show you later. It meets TUV, GS, and ATSM quality standards.

This trampoline looks a lot like Skywalker’s trampoline I have already mentioned in my trampoline reviews. The safety net is also all around like with Skywalker’s trampoline, but on Exacme trampoline the safety net is on the outside of the trampoline.

The frame is made from galvanized steel, which makes it rust-resistant and extra durable. This model has 6 legs in W shape, while most trampolines have 4 W-shaped legs. Exacme trampoline is extra stable due to 2 additional legs.

Good thing is that you will get a safety net and a ladder with this trampoline which makes it a grat deal. A safety net, which is outside of the trampoline has a high density which makes it even more secure for children.

You can find it in 12, 14 and 15 ft sizes which make it more adjustable for your back yard. Just pick the size which suits you best. Also, it has the most impressive capacity on the market. The biggest trampoline has a capacity of 375 lbs.

6 W-shaped legs for better stability
Comes in different sizes: 12,14 and 15 ft
Galvanized steel frame
Meets TUV, GS, and ATSM quality standards.
Safety net all around the trampoline
High trampoline capacity

Comes in 3 boxes and you will wait for second and third box few days
Not so clear instructions


Springfree is a type of trampoline and it is a revolutionary invention. This trampoline, as the name says, doesn’t have springs. It is among the best trampolines on the market and it is considered the safest one.

Springfree trampoline comes from New Zealand and it completely removes springs out of the picture. Anyone who has ever jumped on a trampoline has felt pain caused by falling through springs and with this trampoline, that possibility is gone.

Since it is a new type of trampoline, it is more expensive than the rest of the product from the trampoline world, but you have to have something in mind. Springs are parts which you will have to replace from time to time, on this trampoline you don’t have to.

Springfree system without springs
The safest trampoline on the market

New technology makes it more expensive
Can’t find spare parts easily



Little tikes is a well-known brand of children’s toys who makes good quality toys and other equipment. Little tikes 3′ trampoline is one of the best trampolines for toddlers on the market. With its great design, it suits children 3-6 years.

When your child wants to play and run around, give him something that will occupy his mind for a while. A little tikes trampoline is precisely that. What is so great about this product is that it is safe and your child will have fun on it.

Little tikes 3′ trampoline has a padded handlebar for children to grab while jumping to keep them safe. This trampoline isn’t made from galvanized steel, it is made from a combination of plastic and steel. The springs are covered and the trampoline is round and low so you won’t have to for your child to fall and hurt himself.

This model of Little tikes trampoline is the only trampoline in these trampoline reviews which is for indoor use only. Every leg out of 5 legs has the non-slippery surface which makes this trampoline very stable.

Handlebar makes it very safe
Very easy to assemble, it takes about 20 min
Good for ages 3 to 6
Good price

For indoor use only
Foam on the handle can fall apart – choking hazard