So you have finally succumbed to a temptation of getting the trampoline for backyard fun? Good to you! You are in for the treat. There are some parents who see trampoline as the best way you can entertain your kiddies, whereas more serious minded people use such things for the exercise. Irrespective of the purpose, the devices are a lot of fun. So do you want to know who invented the trampoline?

So, the question comes who invented the trampoline?

It will be very fun to actually contemplate the history of trampolines as well as on this note, here are a few fascinating trivia that will contemplate when you are up in the air and catching your breath and know when was the trampoline invented.

  • Inventor of the trampoline is Nissen George of Iowa (from 1914 to 2010), who was the gymnast as well as a diver in the high school while he saw the circus acrobats and was fascinated. At 1934, he developed a first practical model by using strips of the inner tube rubber. Since this was done years back and that time he was very young the age he was 20-year-old University Iowa student at a time and was assisted by swimming coach and school of engineering. Find interesting to answer about who invented the trampoline?
  • Nissen somersaulted through US and Mexico, performing out what was dubbed as the “rebound tumbling”. However he wanted more memorable moniker, thus he coined name “trampoline” after Spanish word “trampoline” that meant “springboard” and “diving board”. This is the fact which lots of people are not aware of. But people, who use trampolines, want to know about it.
  • He then tested device for the usefulness at YMCA summer swimming. He knew that his bouncer will be the hit when people there clamored using it and “no one wanted to go for swimming” because Nissen recounted in the interview. This was one of the major steps and this was the start from where the trampoline came into the picture.
  • Nissen then went on tour to publicize the invention and introducing this in 40countries over 30 – 40 years after the World War II. And his famous publicity shot will be one with him and kangaroo up in air.
  • Despite having the “trampoline” trademarked, this became the generic term for a device. It is used by people of all age groups and there are different options in the market at the present time.
  • Everybody wanted to thank the man who invented the trampoline so they made it a serious sport. Trampolining became the recognized sport, and this is a part of Olympic Games from 2000. It included the trampolining, the synchronized trampoline, the double mini trampoline, as well as tumbling.
  • Nissen became the prolific inventor and he holds over 40 patents. His inventions include inflatable seat cushion that is used for fishing and hunting, as well as padded bleacher seats that will fold up and create the walls in the gym. These become very popular with time and many people started making use of this.
  • At 1986, Delta Epsilon fraternity at Cleveland State University has 6man team, which set Guinness World Record doing continuous bouncing. They also took turns bouncing on a trampoline without any pause for over 53 days straight. And after the momentous feat, they had the President Ronald Reagan to call and congratulate them. This was a major record and this gave very good publicity to this product and made it a choice for many people.
  • However it is the sport around the world for a little time, and first will trampolining champions, Wills Judy Cline for women and Dan Millman men, won titles at 1964.
  • There are many “world records” that involve trampoline. It includes the longest time jumping at one, and most alternating boulders within 1 minute, and longest time in jumping when playing the ukulele, and jumping with the dog, and continuous, back flips, continuous front flips…so you get an idea who invented the trampoline.
  • There is also the Guinness category for the highest slam-dunk by the basketball player on the trampoline. AT present, the record is been held by Ramos Jordan, a gymnast from the Liverpool. At 2014, he was just 19years old when used the trampoline to get to fly 10meters (over 32.8 feet) in air to dunk the basketball through a ring. He beat own previous record 7.75meters (over 25.4 feet).This was a major record and this becomes a very popular feat all over the world.
  • It is a good way of exercise, as springiness of jumping surface reduces over 80% of stress to the weight-bearing joints. It means this is the best alternative for the seniors and for people who are recovering from the injuries.
  • Biggest trampoline park of the world is in Bristol, England. The Airhop Bristol measures over 60,000 square feet, with over 140 interconnected trampolines and the total of over 177 trampolines.
  • Trampoline has been used for the serious training. The NASA and Air Force are known to use the devices for training the astronauts and pilots. It is been used for developing the aerial awareness among the US Naval cadets.

You will learn ins and outs of equipment and events, and find how scoring can be done and when was the trampoline invented and read about the history of this sport, and more! Imagine that year 1930, and you also feel like jumping. But, your options are very limited. You may launch yourself upward foot for a microsecond before the gravity pulls you to the unyielding floor. You may climb on something squishy and spring-filled: couch and better still, bed, as well as gain more height. You may join the circus and ingratiate yourself with trapeze fliers, and get them play in the safety net. However, you cannot buy trampoline anywhere in the world. Nissen George hasn’t invented one still. Today, trampolines have become the household items. Manufactured trampoline, like we know today, was made by 2 men, George Nissen and Larry Griswold, allegedly at George’s garage.