Whereas the trampoline safety tips recommend limiting the number of the jumpers to one, and we know that the rule may always get broken. This said, 8 to 10 foot round trampoline sizes aren’t meant to support one or more jumper. Suppose you have just one kid and have the discipline to enforce one jumper rule, the trampoline can be the best addition to the backyard. Remember owning right trampoline sizes beats of not having one. You can expect most of the trampoline sizes cost over $200 (that depends on a brand).  There is a various brand which is costing different. So based on your needs you can select one. The price is decided based on many factors along with the brand. It is a quality product so once you use it, you will never have a problem. This is a product, which will come at the right price and you can be sure that you are getting the best. The feature also of the product is very important and they decide how much should be the price.  This is a very good option and the price is also not very high. The round trampoline sizes, which is below 10 feet in the diameter is ideal for somebody with the smaller backyard area. Suppose you choose to go with that trampoline sizes it is very important that you can understand some limitations. Just go in for this product and you will never have a problem. This is one of the best. You can enjoy making use of this.

12Foot Round Trampoline

Again, first consideration may always be trampoline sizes of the backyard. It is the little bigger than 8 to 10 footers however still is smaller than the bigger sized trampoline. Many people will call this the medium trampoline sizes.  This is a popular option for lots of people. Suppose you choose to break one jumper at the time rule, then just do so with the smaller kids. For instance, having 2 larger teenagers jumping at 12 foot of trampoline will be very risky; it might break. Most of the 12-foot trampoline may cost over $300 (that depends on brand).


  • Safe
  • Good size for kids


  • Features

14Foot Round Trampoline

Okay, we now in a “big” trampoline territory. The bigger trampoline sizes will give you much more flexibility, however, may always come with highest cost tag. You will need to have the big backyard that can support one of that. Also, suppose your kids are very social, then you can expect to host a ton of friends, and your house will be a hit of the street. Whereas it is not often mentioned, bigger trampoline sizes are much safer than, smaller ones (and assumes that you follow the good safety rules). That is because bigger trampoline sizes will give jumper the larger landing area. There’s very less chance to land on frame, springs, and falling off this all together. The great news is large round trampoline sizes will be ideal for many age groups as well as give you the most potential return of your trampoline investment. Children under ten still will get the solid bounce, thus there is not any need to worry of that they’re very small or light for it. Larger trampoline sizes size may cost over $400 (that depends on a brand). This is the serious issue and you can be sure that you will not have a problem with this.


  • Good for bigger kids
  • Safety
  • Durability


  • Price

Best Size Trampoline in Rectangle

The rectangular trampoline sizes need same thought process while it comes about the backyard size: Suppose it is very big then do not buy it. However, the rectangular trampolines are very different while it comes about age as well as weight considerations. Rectangular trampoline sizes have the firmer bounce than the round counterpart. This makes it the less favorable choice for small kids; it is very tough for kids to get the solid bounce. The quality for this is super and it is worth every penny you spend.

10X17 Rectangular Trampoline

Suppose you are considering Olympic trampoline sizes, then we suggest this for the kids who are above the age of nine. Suppose the kids are much younger, then this might not be the great bounce for them. An Olympic trampoline sizes may cost you around $600 (and depends on a brand). Do you want something that is made with good quality products, this is one of the best options. This is the quality product, which is a good option.

What If Kids Are Younger?

Suppose the kid is much younger than the age of six, then we suggest that you check out some of the mini trampoline sizes for the kids. There’re many different brands that you can choose from and that will give the indoor and the outdoor options. Mini trampoline sizes are the ideal gateway to a trampoline world.


Thus, selecting the right trampoline sizes needs more than just one factor of the consideration. Firstly, you need to ensure that the trampoline sizes can fit in the respective backyard. Secondly, you should assess how many jumpers can be on this. Suppose you have got just one kid, then your decision may likely be very different than somebody with 4 and more kids. You need to ensure that you also consider the kid(s) friends that are coming over. Thirdly, how much old are the kids and what is a plan for trampoline sizes? Suppose you want out something that will last more than some years, then you are better off in going with the larger round trampoline sizes (and assuming that you have a size). Keep in mind, owning the small trampoline sizes is much better than not having one at all! This is the quality product which can be used.