in ground trampolineThere are some people who think that the in ground trampoline is made to sit on the ground, not jump on it, which isn’t true. This will cause the people to worry about all risks that are involved in owning the in ground trampoline and while combined with bulkiness to have one in the yard, might prevent them from the best method to enjoy everyday exercise. There is a better way you can enjoy jumping at the in ground trampoline. The in ground trampoline will be safer than the traditional trampoline and it can really look better in your yard, especially if you have the smaller yard. In-ground trampolines are really good products because they have rules they have to obey. Every producer has to meet safety requirements while making a trampoline, no matter the type. Since this is a popular product and price is not very high, lots of people prefer it for them and their children. It keeps your child safe that is the best part about it. So, enough about all trampolines, let’s focus on the in ground trampoline.

What is an in-ground trampoline?

The in ground trampoline actually is a traditional trampoline, which has frame buried under the surface in the specially made hole. This has the same support as above ground; the traditional trampoline; however there is a lower risk rate of the kids falling from it when playing, which is logical. The traditional trampoline is higher than the in ground trampoline. It’s appealing to see in ground trampoline in the yard instead of having the metal frame that actually stands out. Some of the sunken in ground trampolines are made specifically for the in ground use, and they come with necessary parts and supports for the in-ground installation. They have the heavier duty steel and some of them might have the walls instead legs to bury. The in ground trampoline can be very expensive is some cases, and depending on what kind of the in ground trampoline you want. That fact has led a lot of people to choose to make their own in ground trampoline instead. For a DIY project of an in-ground trampoline you just lower the trampoline in the pit, but be careful while doing it.

Are in ground trampolines secure?

The misconception that we hear is that the inground trampoline is safer than the rest. Suppose there are not any safety nets, chances of the kid hurting are the same as above ground trampoline. If any kid falls from 5 feet and more on the hard ground there’s a huge chance for injury. The hole where the inground trampoline sits has to be much bigger than the inground trampoline so it can get the right ventilation. This gives gap where the feet and hands can get caught in that can lead to severe injury. So, it has its advantages but is also has its disadvantages and later in the article I will write reviews of in-ground trampolines.

The price of an in ground trampoline

The inground trampoline may cost you more than the traditional trampoline. Suppose you are concerned with atheistic looks of the trampoline in the backyard and live in the high wind area that can damage your traditional trampoline maybe you must go for in ground trampoline. If you don’t want to spend much money, you can DIY, but hire a professional, after all, safety should come first. When you look at that, it can cost you the same in the end.

New Generation III 15inch In-Ground Trampoline

It is the inground trampoline that is made to be put in the ground. This is made from galvanized and powder coated steel, and the stainless steel hardware. This has 120 galvanized springs, which are 8.5 inch which is larger than the traditional trampoline. Jump surface is actually made from heavy duty polypropylene as well as it can resist the UV rays for the long term durability. Spring pad cover of the in ground trampoline is wide and you can choose from blue and green color. Total, the trampoline can weigh over 330 pounds and you will need some people to assist you in sinking assembled trampoline in the pit. The problem that many people might have with the style is it can cost you if you buy an inground trampoline. You may expect to pay the high amount. Suppose this cost makes you cringe, then there are a few trampolines later in the article that will make good options for in-ground trampoline project.


  • Featuresin ground
  • Built
  • Strong and easy to use
  • Made to be underground
  • 120 galvanized springs


  • Lack of style
  • Price

Skywalker Trampolines 15 inch Round and Enclosure and Spring Pad – DIY project

There are many people who are searching for Skywalker Trampolines 15 Feet because it is a really good trampoline and a good choice for an inground trampoline. Due to the high quality, the Skywalker Trampolines 15 Feet is the best product made ever by the company. It has reinforced T-sockets for better stabilization of the entire trampoline and enclosure. The frame is constructed from heavy gauge galvanized rust steel and as you can see on the picture, it has W-shaped legs for better stability.  It is one of their best products and I think it is the perfect choice for a do it yourself project. On the other hand, if you change your mind, you can always put it on the ground.


  • W-shaped legsSkywalker Trampolines 15 inch Round and Enclosure and Spring Pad
  • Reinforced galvanized steel
  • Trusted brand
  • Enclosure is safely attached to the mat
  • High quality materials


  • Price
  • It is not made to be underground, but with professional assistance, you can put it in the ground

JumpSport Elite 14 Ft Trampoline with the Enclosure – DIY project

What I like about JumpSport trampoline is the fact that it has the 15-year warranty so you can imagine how good it is. You can see why I have chosen it for another DIY project for this in ground trampoline topic. The trampoline is made from 14 gauge steel, with pre-galvanized steel frame. This is taller than many other trampolines, which means you will have to dig a deeper hole for the inground trampoline. With this trampoline, you will have approx. 113 sq feet of a bouncing surface which is awesome. Total, the trampoline weighs 337 pounds when assembled and it can hold 240 pounds for a single user. It is bouncy and can keep up with extreme jumping routines and perfect for the cool trampoline tricks, in the ground or above it. So, just like the Skywalker’s I would recommend it for an inground trampoline.


  • 113 sq feet of jumping spaceJumpSport Elite 14 Ft Trampoline with the Enclosure
  • 15-year warranty
  • Really good quality materials


  • Assembling
  • It is not made to be underground