Despite the young and the vivacious reputation, the heavy duty trampoline is enjoyed by the jumpers of any age group. Whereas a lot of manufacturers market completely towards the younger kids, and there are many god options for the adult enthusiasts. Best heavy duty trampoline for the adults can be as fun use as the standard models.  Since there is so much choice you can be sure that you are getting quality results. This is one of the best and you can enjoy making use of that.

But, the units are made with the heavier jumpers in your mind. They will allow the adults to experience same enjoyment as well as health benefits without any worry of the damage.  With this being said, the heavy duty trampoline is not generally labeled for the age. With the abundance of options in the market, it is very important to know on what to search for while getting for best and heavy duty trampoline on sale. This is the product which will last for long and will give quality results. You can make use of this product and you will come to know that it is the best and there is nothing better, So look for a product that is the best and you can be sure.

16Foot Octagon Trampoline Magic Circle

Suppose you are looking for the unit that is very tough for the heavy jumpers, then this octagonal heavy duty trampoline will be the best option. The frame is made in tough 14gauge galvanized steel American. It is very tough and resistant to the weather damage, as well as thick enough in preventing any twisting that occurs with time. Even the jumping mat can be made to be very tough. This has the tensile strength of over 350pounds every square inch. While combined with a robust frame, heavy duty trampoline has the high weight ability of over 450 pounds. This includes the built-in enclosure system. This is a quality product which lots of designs and many people have made use of it and liked it and also referred it to others.

The padded support poles will reach the high above jumpers as well as hold net at the place. Net itself can be made from same material as jumping mat as well as is attached to the mat in order to prevent the openings that the jumpers can fall through. The entire system is treated for the ultraviolet protection and ensuring several years of the safety. In order, to provide the great rebound, heavy duty trampoline uses 112springs around the perimeter. These are not ordinary springs and they are tapered at an end to enhance bounce. They will measure over 8.5inches in the length. The included perimeter system keeps this covered. This is something that can really make you comfortable as this is one of the best products.


  • 450pound capacity
  • 16feet in the diameter
  • 112 8.5inch tapered springs
  • 14gauge galvanized steel frame
  • Enclosure and perimeter padding
  • Treated jumping mat and pads
  • Attached enclosure net


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ACON Air 15Foot Trampoline with the Enclosure

Whereas most of the heavy duty trampolines are been rated with the single weight capacity, and this round unit by ACON is made with the collective weight restriction at mind. Due to that, the heavy duty trampoline also has the outstanding maximum capacity of over 800 pounds. This will safely accommodate the multiple adults without a problem. It is thanks to strategic design as well as superior materials. The galvanized steel pipes are been used throughout a frame. Pipes measure over 2inches in the diameter. It creates the tough foundation for the jumpers. Actually, the whole unit is much heavier than the others in the market. This weighs at over 300pounds completely assembled. The hefty weight can keep this stable with the multiple adults jumping in one time. The jumping mat is also made from the polypropylene, which is also cross-stitched 6times for the durability and it is UV treated. As a whole, the unit is made for a year-round use. This will withstand the chilly winters as well as hot summer alike and without any need to get disassembled in between. Each component from the durable jumping mat for premium enclosure net also are made for last for a long time.


  • 15feet in the diameter
  • The thick galvanized frame
  • 800pound of maximum weight restriction
  • 110 8.5inch steel springs
  • Weighs 300pounds
  • Treated for a year round protection
  • 6time cross stitched mat


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Upper Bounce Rectangular with the Fiber Flex Enclosure

Available in 2 different sizes, the Upper Bounce rectangular heavy duty trampoline is very much praised as the top heavy duty trampoline for adults. Unique shape also allows springs to react at the force of the jump independently from each other depending on where jump occurred. It results in the superior rebound. This helps to achieve the high weight capacity 500 pounds. The frame is also made from the black coated steel. The frame is not just tough as well as resistant to the superficial damage, however, coating protects steel from the corrosion when making this very attractive to look. Furthermore, the unit uses over 90galvanized steel springs and depending on size chosen. They will measure over 7inches in the length and give superb bounce when resisting the weather damage with heavy duty trampoline. The Upper Bounce developed unique Fiber Flex system. It is comprised of the curved poles with the top ring, which supports a net. Net runs by the top ring as well as being attached to a mat. It creates the gap-free enclosure that moves with mat and providing the ultimate protection from the falls and the injury heavy duty trampoline.


  • 500pound weight capacity
  • Available at 8×14 and 9×15 feet sizes
  • 7inch of galvanized steel springs
  • Black coated frame
  • The thick EPE padding
  • Fiber Flex system
  • Polypropylene mat with 8row stitching


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