Bouncing on the trampoline is more than only kid’s play. Actually, daily trampoline routine will result in the better fitness for the adults, too. Suppose you are considering purchasing the trampoline for yourself, then you may wonder whether it is good to buy a mini or big trampoline. There are the pros and cons of both, and the important safety considerations you need to keep in mind prior to choosing one that is correct for you. Big and large trampoline is generally well suited for the experienced athletes like the gymnasts or cheerleaders, as the bigger surface space allows for little more intricate jumps, twists, and flips. The advanced gymnasts practice some new skills on the trampolines that will develop the better air sense. Lots of athletes also make use of larger trampolines as landings are softer than on the mini trampolines or spring floors, and reducing any risk of the injury and putting very less strain on bones as well as joints. But, big and large trampoline does not create much of resistance as the mini trampolines, thus you will build very less strength with the regular jumping workout.

Skywalker Trampolines 12Feet Jump N’ Dunk

You will love jumping on the Skywalker Trampolines 12Feet Jump N’ Dunk as it is lots of fun! You will absolutely love an idea of the big trampoline! The basketball hoop is well attached to this trampoline so that you may practice shooting and slam dunking! The big trampoline is lots of fun.   I really like the big trampoline due to safety features that it comes with as well as a basketball hoop. Suppose you are looking out for something on your cheaper side. The young kids love big trampoline as well as you parents may love this too! It is not easy and you will need to find some good options. The trampoline has reinforced t-bracket that provides higher structural stability at every enclosure and the trampoline joint. It is patented and no gap enclosure that attaches the net to jump mat on each spring, and eliminating the gaps. It comes with 72 rust resistant steel 5.5inch of springs for the excellent bounce.

This big trampoline comes with the simple installation and that is something that people are finding good. It is extremely important to have well-written instructions for anything, including trampoline.  Another good this is the fact that it comes with the hook to connect spring that is nice because you would not want to use hands to pull spring.

Unfortunately, this big trampoline has some downsides. For example, the trampoline isn’t recommended for the teenagers. Reason being is trampoline holds the max weight of 200pounds. Teenagers are generally heavier so they may be close and right on with weight limit.

Pros of Skywalker Trampolines 12Feet Jump N’ Dunk

  • A basketball hoop which comes with this big trampoline
  • It doesn’t come with foam ball (but you can get one at the nearest store)
  • Simple instructions

Cons of Skywalker Trampolines 12Feet Jump N’ Dunk

  • Weight limit is only 200 pounds
  • Not so durable as people expect

AlleyOop 10’x17 of PowerBounce Rectangular with the Integrated Safety Enclosure

AlleyOop 10’x17inch PowerBounce big trampoline is the top trampoline that I have ever seen in the market. The trampoline gives you with the good bounce and will hold over 650lbs, which is crazy amazing and that it will hold that weight. It means all ages may play on the trampoline without any worry of the weight limit restriction.   Weight limit for the large trampoline is over 650 pounds! It is biggest weight limit that I’ve seen in the large trampoline.  All ages may play on the large trampoline from the young children to adults, which is awesome. This trampoline really is for the entire family, am I right?  Suppose you have somebody practicing gymnastics then this trampoline will be one for them being the rectangle like the gym trampolines. Another thing that I would like to touch is the quality of parts. Everything that you get in the large trampoline is the best quality.  You are getting trampoline that must last for years for family and must not be experiencing any ripping and broken parts like a few companies. An only real con in the large trampoline is the price point, but the trampoline like this can’t be cheap. You will get what you are paying for and getting high quality of large trampoline and nothing compares to the trampoline.

Pros of the AlleyOop 10’x17 PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline

  • Safe
  • Stylish
  • Quality
  • Weight limit is 650

Cons of AlleyOop 10’x17 Rectangular Trampoline

  • Features
  • Shipping

SpringFree 13inch Trampoline With the FlexrHoop & FlexrStep

Like the name suggests, the trampolines don’t have any kind of springs. This means that the jumpers will not fall between gaps. Also, safety enclosure makes sure all the jumpers may remain on a jumping pad. While you choose to buy the SpringFree, you’re just getting safest option accessible. I like the large trampoline for the concept. I think concept with no springs is good and safer way for kids. I’ve had experiences with the large trampoline where I got the foot caught in springs as well as it was not pleasant. It is definitely the fun and the safe option for children. The trampoline is known as the best quietest trampoline. Generally, trampolines had loud squeaky noise likely from springs. As this trampoline has got no springs large trampoline is quiet. Owners of SpringFree rave about the large trampoline since they are built in high quality of materials.  While you buy SpringFree you will know, you’re getting absolute best. The Springfree brand without any doubt is the safest trampoline out there.

Pros of SpringFree 13 Trampoline

  • No springs
  • Very safe

Cons of SpringFree 13inch Trampoline

  • Assembly takes much longer than the normal
  • Not clear instructions