At first, it appears like round and rectangle trampoline should be the same. Well, that is not a case. Here, we may break down key differences, as well as cover best rectangle trampoline that is available at 2017. There are many shapes of the trampoline in the market. Many people are making use of this.

Round and Rectangle Trampoline

Round models make jumper return to its center. Whereas injuries are possible, the fact makes round models a bit safer. As rectangle trampoline has got springs that do not work in the unison, the jumper is totally free to jump as well as the land where they select. Like you may see, it is very valuable for a jumper who is interested in the gymnastics. The round model can alter the jump unfavorably manipulate the routines. For such reason, a rectangular model poses the slightly higher chance for injury for the recreational users.

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline and Enclosure

The Skywalker 15ft Rectangle was the winner for the top in category – rectangle trampoline. Skywalker is the top choice for many of same reasons as the round counterpart. You can also show off the great moves as well as wow everyone with the best-rated rectangle trampoline. Suppose there is something that you do not like about the rectangle trampoline, and you still have hesitation, then reach out and leave the comment below. The Skywalker rectangular trampolines are been voted as best rectangle trampoline! It is good for all the users however it is particularly great for the gymnast. The gymnast practice on the same type of the rectangle trampoline every day, what the perfect gift you can give them their rectangle trampoline to practice at home. You can buy this for self-use or you can make use of this for gifting for the wither purpose this is one of the best. So you can buy this for any use. Also, this is a very professional made option. So you can make use of this for gymnastic use. If you are using this at home even for yoga it could give you a good grip and it serves a good purpose.


  • Great for the recreation and the gymnastic use
  • Best “bounce” for the buck
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • UV protected pad
  • Comes with the safety enclosure net


  • Some users say instructions are very confusing
  • Try and open all boxes as well as get everything well organized in groups before you start building

AlleyOOP 10’x17inch PowerBounce RectangularTrampoline

AlleyOOP 10’x17′ Rectangular rectangle trampoline with the enclosure is one favorite among a lot of people! The rectangle trampoline provides the great bounce that can send you just flying up in the air! This has the huge weight limit over 650pounds so the whole family will join on a fun. While you purchase the rectangle trampoline you will get the best quality of materials with the trampoline. You are getting the trampoline that can last you as well as your family for years with the good amount of the fun!


  • All ages may play on the rectangular trampoline.
  • High Weight limit.
  • Quality parts & materials.
  • Great for the recreational and the gymnasts
  • Gymnasts will practice the routines at this rectangular trampoline.


  • The price point is much higher than a few other brands.

Upper Bounce Assemble “Spacious” Trampoline

The Upper Bounce Assemble “Spacious” rectangular trampoline is very special as it will hold over 500 pounds of the weight! Suppose you have small children then a lot of them will jump on a rectangular trampoline at once! The trampoline also comes with all safety features that you want to keep whoever will be bouncing on the safe! The brand of the rectangle trampolines is very durable as well as safe so you will not need to worry when the children are playing. It is the good investment that will last the family years of the fun! Like you may see, results are the mixed bag. There are some owners who absolutely love Upper Bounce rectangle trampolines for the backyard.


  • Good for the smaller backyards
  • Durable


  • Some users claim that it has the design defects
  • Setup instructions are also confusing

JumpSport 10×17′ StagedBounce Safety Enclosure Trampoline

JumpSport rectangle trampolines Enclosure is awesome as they have own patented technology at the springs. It means that they have made the springs like no one else will get you great bounce possible. One amazing thing is that the rectangle trampoline is made to the lower joint as well as back pain in knees & feet. This is very important for adults who would like to jump. This feels like you are not even using the feet to jump in the material is very light on your feet. Suppose you were getting the rectangle trampolines for the toddler or the young kid I will then suggest the cheaper model to you but suppose you have the bigger family with many children then this is the best buy made for you. This will hold many people and this can get the bigger children energy out with rectangular trampolines.


  • Fun for the whole family.
  • High quality and thick safety matt.
  • Perfect for the gymnast and cheerleaders.
  • Ladder included.


  • Wears over years.
  • Assembly will get very confusing.

Round Up

That is a list that we have come with some of the best rectangle trampolines in the market right now. Unlike many reviews, the rectangle trampoline reviews are totally independent as well as focus on real user value of a product. From a range that we have given, you must select the model that can suit to your individual need, and whatever your budget. You can buy smart and stay safe, and get well prepared for bundles of joy with your purchase of the best rectangle trampoline promises to get you. For kids, and for the entire family, this trampoline is clean and healthy fun.