The best outdoor trampoline is a lot of fun for whole family and the great way you can stay active. You will find different models in each shape, size as well as price range, however finding the right one for the family will be a true challenge. Let us face it – you’ve busy life. You do not have much time to research on every best outdoor trampoline in the market and read through many best outdoor trampoline reviews. However, I do. I have rounded up top models, which are affordable, safe as well as offer best bounces around. I have created the buying guide that will help you to find the best outdoor trampoline for the family and all you need to do is to read outdoor trampoline reviews. I will talk about really good products, one of the best in the market and quality which will keep your whole family safe.

AlleyOop Variable Bounce with the Integrated Safety Enclosure

Looking for the best outdoor trampoline whole family may love? AlleyOop 14inch VariableBounce is an ideal choice. Comes in round shape, the best outdoor trampoline is over 14’ in the diameter –that is 24% more of jumping space than the rectangular best outdoor trampoline. We like safety features of the model and this features the integrated safety enclosure, as well as it is engineered with the JumpSport’s Variable Technology. What does it mean? Let us take a close look on how the technology affects the safety of the best outdoor trampoline. The Variable Bounce sounds very complicated, but the concept is quite simple. While you land on a jumping surface, and some springs engage immediately, while others engage split second later. The JumpSport compares this to car’s airbag. This extra split second will allow your body to absorb impact slowly and gradually. Which means, if you land out awkwardly, then you will not injure yourself.


  • Heavy-duty, 1.9inch frame made from the pre-galvanized steel.
  • 35icnh tall jumping mat for the optimal clearance & softer landings.
  • Integrated enclosure, which will withstand 295pound impact as well as lasts longer than any other enclosures in the market.
  • Durable jumping mat is UV & water-resistant.
  • DD Sure system that prevents the frame from deforming & twisting.


  • Could have more features

Stamina 36Inch of Folding Trampoline

I rank the best outdoor trampoline as top position due to the best quality as well as results that it brings to the kids; it is as well one best-selling product in the market nowadays and is received many positive comments from the customers. Like you may get from the name, the best outdoor trampoline is foldable one as well as has the large and round surface with a durable net. The diameter of the best outdoor trampoline is over 36inches, thus it is very large, enough for the children to play very comfortably. People enjoy the product due to the simple and the convenient design. The Stamina best outdoor trampoline isn’t complicated and difficult for users for setting up and this includes 6 metal legs that are very easily detachable. While it comes about safeness, parents may completely feel secure while letting kids to play and have a lot of fun on the best outdoor trampoline as it is well equipped strong bands and made from durable and the stable materials. The bounce that is not very flexible of the stuff is the best point that the customers believe in choosing. One thing that a lot of parents hope the product to get improved is it doesn’t include surrounding net that helps the kids not to fall while they jump.


  • Safe to use
  • Good for all kids
  • Well equipped
  • Strong


  • Price
  • Style

ExacMe 15Feet Round Combo Set

At a first glance, you might mistake ExacMe 15foot best outdoor trampoline for Skywalker model that we have reviewed. Truthfully, 2 are very much similar. The main difference between both of them is enclosure design. What we actually like about the model is it comes with the enclosure and the ladder. It as well has good weight capacity in the market over 375 lbs. Suppose you are looking for the best outdoor trampoline that you and your kids will enjoy, then ExacMe 15foot model is the smart option for you. Keep in mind how we have talked about the enclosure design earlier? That is where the best outdoor trampoline differs from the number 2 pick. Unlike Skywalker model, the best outdoor trampoline does not have an interlocking enclosure. The straps and the ropes secure net to jumping mat, however, the bottom of netting wraps over an edge of the best outdoor trampoline with an enclosure to eliminate the gaps. The design is not on par with Skywalker, however, it is definitely step up from many other best outdoor trampoline with enclosure in the market.


  • 6 W-shaped of legs for the maximum stability as well as 12 balanced contact points.
  • The heavy duty of frame made from the rust resistant galvanized steel.
  • Simple assembly without any tools and drilling required.
  • Meets TUV, ATSM and GS quality & safety standards.


  • Lacking in style


Thus, trampolines give us more play value at the wider range of the ages than another outdoor toy. Also, they will keep our little ones totally fit and energized and tired by the bedtime. There is no wonder lots of parents rave about this toy. Before you ever buy one, you need to think about if you want the inground one or overground or whether you want the round (popular), rectangle (that is good for serious about the gymnastics) and oval (good for the narrower gardens as well as outperform rounder ones in terms of the overall jumping area).