This is parents top concern while purchasing the backyard trampoline. Even though most of the people purchasing backyard trampoline grew up in the era of the standard spring backyard trampolines, 6 people jumping at once, and definitely no enclosure, the backyard trampoline safety has also come very long way. Now accessible is the spring free backyard trampoline, and net enclosures and various pads that will protect the backyard trampoline with springs. Safest backyard trampoline definitely will be one that includes the enclosure that will prevent kids from falling off. You can read the report on safest backyard trampoline prior to making the purchasing decision. The most important part is that your trampoline has is net. Everything else can be different according to your desires.

Springs and No Springs

The relatively new concept of the world of the backyard trampoline is spring free backyard trampoline. Anybody who has ever slipped through springs of the trampoline must consider spring free. I know being a child (guilty as an adult as well), I’ve gone up for jump and came back plunging by the springs. Here I will provide some comprehensive reviews of best backyard trampoline that will help you to make the right choice of the best backyard trampoline and accessories. I have also compiled all data for you at simple to access the website, this one. 🙂 I have also narrowed down some options that will save the people time. I do take pride in giving you the honest and the unbiased best backyard trampoline reviews.

The best backyard trampoline is the big family purchase, you won’t buy it just for you, you will buy it for you and your family.  Due to that, choosing best backyard trampoline for the family is utmost importance. There’re a lot of factors you can consider while purchasing the best backyard trampoline from the safety to price. You can take a close look below at review, and each in the depth best backyard trampoline review that will help you choose right trampoline.

The Skywalker Trampoline 8ft Round

The trampoline is small enough that will save the space and is made by the brand that people trust in. This has the safety enclosure net, which connects to every leg joint. The frame is been padded as well as keeps the jumpers far away from the potential injury. This measures at 8ftx8ftx6.5ft while assembled. It means it doesn’t need the ladder as the mat is very close to the ground.  This is the best part about it and the quality of the product is really good and that makes it an attractive buy. Skywalker is a company with which you can’t lose because they have a good reputation and they want to live by it.


  • Approximately 37sq. ft. of the jumping surface area
  • Weight Limit 175lbs
  • Green and Blue Available
  • Low to the Ground


  • The Wind Can Knock Over

Skywalker 8foot trampoline

With the patented stay put the net, the best trampoline for backyard doesn’t have any kind of dangerous gaps accessible. This uses the reinforced welded T-sockets that will stabilize the upper enclosure frame best trampoline for backyard frame. This gives superior bounciness as well as heavy gauge, the rust-resistant steel thus you don’t need to worry about this rusting fast. It’s recommended for the ages 3+ and over 175pounds, however, will get used by younger kids. The biggest difference between this and previous Skywalker product is the shape of the trampoline. This one is rectangular and the previous one is round. That means that you will get jump higher on this one than on the round one.


  • Ideal for the Smaller Yards
  • Weight Limit 175lbs
  • Green, Pink, Blue, and Red Available
  • Safe Bounce On


  • Instructions Aren’t Great

Zupapa Trampoline 12 ft Round

The Zupapa best trampoline for the backyard is all TUV certified that will prove they are very safe for the kids of different ages. They also come with the limited time warranty for various parts of best trampoline for the backyard. This comes with the ladder, net enclosure, rain cover feet and safety pads. It is also rust-resistant as well as more springs than the normal best trampoline for backyard give on the 12ft trampolines. Pads are thicker that will ensure complete safety.


  • Very Safe
  • Weight Limit 330lbs
  • Includes Safety Pad, Enclosure Net, Ladder, as well as Rain Cover
  • Simple to Assemble


  • Warranty Length Differs by Part

Acon Air Trampoline 14 ft Round

The 14ft trampoline with the enclosure is made for the family style fun. There’re not any single bouncer weight limitations and this is perfect for the kids of different ages. The best trampoline for backyard height is over 36inches as well as made to be left at outdoors through the entire year, no matter the season. This gives thicker pipes than a lot of trampolines need to offer as well as thicker foam padding around. It gives you with the jumping space, which isn’t partially covered by the safety mat that means you’ve plenty of room for everybody to have a good time.


  • Designed to get Used Every Year Round
  • No Single Person Limit Means Good for Kids and Adults
  • No Special Tools Needed for Assembly
  • Frame Has 5Year Warranty


  • Not Cheap

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline 15 ft Round

The 15ft best trampoline for backyard makes use of 12enclosure supports that will provide you safety than the traditional 6 to 8 poled trampolines. This has the concave safety net, which installs fast using the Velcro straps and pole sleeves. Everything gets attached together on the frame by using the push pin bolts. This is been backed by impressive 10year of warranty for frame. Other parts are been covered also, however for different amounts of the time. This promises some extreme bounce as well as rust resistance for years of use with the best trampoline for the backyard.


  • Quality Material
  • Easy Assembly
  • Best Customer Support Team
  • Great Warranty


  • Needs Flat Ground