There isn’t much for me to say, I think I have already said everything on my homepage. Shortly, I find tampolines the best possible activity for families.

I want to help people choose the right trampoline because thrampolin is very delicate matter. I know that this may sound funny but I think that trampolines have too many wrong reviews online. Those „wrong“ reviews are talking about expectations people had with some trampoline, but those excpectations weren’t good for that type of trampoline in the first place. You can’t compare a round trampoline with the rectangular one and I think that most people are mistaken with it.

Due to that, I am offering you objective reviews with guides on how to buy trampoline which will meet your expectation and you will be satisfied. I have read too many Amazon’s reviews which aren’t in place. For exmaple, someone complained that the net broke while later in his review said that he didn’t follow instructions while assembling the trampoline. As you can see, here we have the problem with the assembly, not with the quality.

To avoid those „wrong“ reviews I have gathered as much tramplines as I can to provide you good and quality information about trampolines.

Hope you will be satisfied!